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1. I’m newly away and visiting my pal at Smith tomorrow. I also do not have online game. HOW DO YOU GET TOGETHER WITH HOT GORGEOUS WOMEN?!

———-> Master flirty eye contact. Practice in a mirror. It is the secret language of lesbians.

2. I’m a thin lady with huge (DD) big boobed gf. They make myself extremely uneasy (in my own mind) but everyone believes they’re stunning. Will it be simpler to you will need to love my human body as it’s or even to remold it into an application that will help myself feel freer and much more like me?

—————> which is your choice. Have you got the cash and time for you to undergo operation? are you presently in health, or would it be a significant danger to have it done? analysis tits give you health issues? When they create your life really unhappy and having operation would be simple, next do it now.

3. she actually is getting too clingy and dependent on me personally. Is actually making the lady to ensure she will be able to end up being her own individual the sole option right here? Or is this fix-able.

—————-> Either conclude it, or give the lady a lot more love. Don’t stay static in a relationship where you cannot offer their just what she needs.

4. My sweetheart is an asshole whenever she drinks. She ignores me personally and turns out to be an overall frat guy. There isn’t a lot of pals outside the team, but I am not sure the way to handle this case, it upsets me loads. She really likes myself and is also a fantastic lady and she apologises.

———————-> communicate with this lady about it and implement it. If she is being an arse, just take this lady aside in second and have the girl to quit. demand respect!

5. i am learning this woman and I’m sooo into their as an individual, but physically…idk. I love really femmy ladies and shes extremely butch. Will it be worthwhile to try to see just what occurs? Or perhaps is that an asshole action since I’m perhaps not 100per cent positive the way I feel about it?

—————–> sex is fluid, man. Decide to try something new. Simply pick it.

6. i am internet dating this lady on & off for several several months, and it was not until last night that she explained that she believes she actually is straight, but loves me personally. She says she desires to decide to try situations on, but additionally that after our times she questions herself. What must I perform?

—————> discover a person who understands for sure. you are entitled to it.

7. will it be wrong of us to end up being wooing a lady if she’s enjoyed myself for a year but features a sweetheart of a few months with who everything isn’t working really and I’m awaiting these to drop through? Absolutely nothing sexual has occurred between you, so it’s maybe not cheating, right?

—————-> consider precisely why you just want the lady since she is unavailable. do you actually will wish items that you can’t have? just like challenging? of course, if so, do you want to however like this lady if she and GF break-up? do not place them both through this if you do not’re 100% ready to marry this woman.

8. So I have a crush about girl, exactly who I’m sure at the very least finds me personally attractive but she is an unbarred connection. Exactly what do I Actually Do?

————–> that union is actually «open» for reasons! do it now. maintain great communication together with her GF to ensure that you aren’t leading to issues between your a couple of them. You don’t want no crisis!

9. If your lasting sweetheart is actually mentally retarded and you believed she’d transform (but is great in other ways) do you ever keep or do you really learn to believe that this woman isn’t effective in understanding feelings?

—————> there are so many people in the world. you should not waste your time and effort with someone that is actually badly lacking in significant way. every day life is brief, you are young, etc.

10. i am making use of okcupid a bit, and it’s rad! but. I’m a submissive, and it’s sort of a large section of my sexual life/identity. It feels disingenuous/misleading as well as, but too-big of anything having in the available to my profile. Thoughts?

——————> this is exactly why personal texting ended up being invented.

11. Personally I think just like the reputation (no feelings/very slutty) I inbuilt my personal citys lesbian circle keeps myself really from the «dating content» category. the good news is ive hit a point in which i would like a gf or perhaps some feelings? I dont learn how to make that…shift?

——————> ummm if you are a person with swag just who gets every girls, and they are annoyed simply because they can’t tie you down, there is no need any problems whatsoever. in reality, each of us want to be you. you are shane. now, what you need to perform is actually get a hold of a girl that you like and inform her that she is well worth deciding down concerning! she’ll love that she have got to function as a person to domesticate you.

12. My mommy has actually explained particularly that I could maybe not inform any other household members that I’m a lesbian. The issue is, I’m truly near with my entire household and I really want to. Exactly what must I perform?

——————–> let them know. mommy will get over it.

13. My personal sweetheart ended up being intimately abused by the woman men formerly. The greater mentally close we have, the greater amount of actually distant she’s obtained. I realize and would like to assist, but what perform i actually do?

——————–> you will must believe that this is exactly likely to-be a permanent thing and inquire yourself if you prefer an union that doesn’t have much intercourse. I am in a lot of interactions in this way and believe me, there is change to flip to turn off what she’s been through. If you think as if you need intercourse as a regular element of your life, possibly it would be much better if you could help the girl as a friend. Any time you want to stick it away, do not force the intercourse thing and let her come to you.

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